Operate & Play Having a Utility Vehicle

If you’re a fan of motorcycles, you are used to acquiring on your bicycle or ATV and likely out to enjoy yourself. There’s nothing better than hitting the open street or a woodsy trail to forget about the stress of work. Yamaha ATV Dealers

Pete’s Cycles has another way for you to play, and in some cases function, and still enjoy the freedom and fun of a motorbike. They’re called utility vehicles and are available from the leading names within the motorcycle business, like Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki.

Each of these vehicles is designed for the rugged demands of outdoor get the job done and play – and they also operate as fantastic sources of transportation if you are an avid hunter or fishermen transporting supplies and gear around a long distance.


Kawasaki’s offerings are tough, dependable and ready for anything you can throw at them. Divided into two classes, the first is known as the RUV and is perfect for someone who wants to have fun although they do the job. The Utility line, affectionately known as The Mule, are brawnier and sport a beefier design and ability to move heavy loads – coupled with up to 4 people.

The Polaris lineup is one of several deepest on the market, and includes styles these kinds of as the Ranger for riders who need to have a workhorse to your Ranger RZR, a vehicle built for speed and fun. There is also an entry for the youth market, and includes a parent-adjustable speed limiter and many other safety features. Limited Editions, in a variety of builds and colors, are also available for the dedicated enthusiast.

Even though Suzuki has only one particular utility vehicle, you can expect the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship in the Q.U.V. An advanced suspension system soaks up the bumps though pickup truck styling make it easy on the eyes – in conjunction with four wheel drive.

As anyone would suspect, the Yamaha contribution to this class of vehicles, the Rhino, combines the magnificence of outstanding engineering with the muscle of Yamaha’s engine and transmission. The Rhino is built for two and has adjustable piggyback shocks.

Working doesn’t have for being all about perform – you can usually inject some play so that the day goes by faster – and when you are using any of these vehicles you will be taking advantage of sector knowledge and experience to make the job easier.

Find our a lot more information about utility vehicles at any of our locations.

• Baltimore 410-663-8556
• Bel Air 410-879-3586
• Severna Park 410-647-5880


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